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Wide Open Spaces

I think about running away more now than I ever did as a child/teenager. And the scariest part is I could actually do it now. 

Yes, I have a job and responsibilities, but I could do it. I have the freedom to do it. I could just pack a bag, empty my bank account, and go anywhere I wanted. I could take my car and travel Route 66 like I’ve always dreamed. I could hitchhike across the country and put my toes in the sandy beaches on each coast. I could stand beneath beautiful waterfalls I’ve only ever seen in photos. I could watch a motorbike race and feel the rush of excitement from the crowd. I could ride a subway and meet interesting new people. I could dance on the rainy streets of Seattle, spend nights listening to music in Memphis, and get teased for my accent up North. I could do all of it if I’d just take the first step of letting go of control. 

I’ve never had the opportunity to come home because I’ve never left. Not really. I’ve only ever existed in the 50 mile radius around my childhood home. I’m uncomfortable in towns and cities beyond where I travel often because I was taught to fear the unknown. I battle anxiety in crowds and struggle to make friends because I was taught to fear strangers. I strive to follow routine because I was taught to fear change. 

Every fiber of my being longs to run away, but every lesson I’ve ever been taught screams against it. 

But I could do it. I could start over somewhere new. I could find myself. 

You hear on the news about the people who disappear without a trace and they’re found 30 years later living a new life in some other town. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge their decisions. Maybe, just maybe, they got it right. (Or maybe they were on the run from the law...it’s a toss up.)

She needs wide open spaces, room to make mistakes. 

Oh, how 26 is coming fast - and it’s too late. 

I Don't Need My Name in Lights - I'm Famous in my Father's Eyes

I am going to be in a movie. Well, I think I am going to be in a movie. We'll see if I make the cut when they are editing. 

Maybe I should start from the beginning...

Last week an email when out to alert the employees and students at my university that there would be a film crew on campus for a few days and certain parking lots would be closed. No big deal, I don't park there anyway. That email was then followed with one requesting volunteers for the movie to be background extras. All you had to do was submit a nonprofessional, no-filter headshot and body shot of yourself. I laughed and told a coworker I wanted to do it, so when the office was empty, I set up my phone and took the following pictures. Now, I told the casting director in the email when I submitted it that I just thought it sounded fun, especially since ShortLady loves the series they were shooting. They weren't professional photos in the slightest bit, but I was hopeful.

This is the last night you'll spend alone

A few months ago I asked Mr. H for tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Skillet, when they came to town. In addition to Skillet, a few other wonderful artists would be in attendance. Since we had just attended the Guns and Roses concert, I was pretty surprised when he said yes!