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So Let Go My Soul and Trust in Him

I'm sure you're wondering how being a college student again is going. Have I learned a lot? Do I like my classmates? Am I happy? 

The answer is hard to admit (and I've avoided saying it to anyone).

I am a college drop out. 

Really, though - does it count if I already have a degree? 

Do I have to start singing "Beauuuuty schoooool drop outtttt"? You know I will anyway. 

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Is there life out there?

Last month my job allowed me to visit the planetarium on campus. I'm not even sure I knew it existed  when I was a student, but I wish I had known.

We watched The Secret Life of Stars and had the opportunity to jump ahead a few weeks to see the predicted path of the upcoming eclipse(which was today). As we watched, the planetarium director mentioned that there would be a special showing on the day of the eclipse with NASA time-lapse video of the eclipse as well as a new video, Edge of Darkness.

I Came to Life When I First Kissed You

I think it is safe to say that we all remember our first kiss.

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